Dying to really use that ExpressCard slot on the left side of your MacBook Pro? Want to put something in it besides a silly SD Card reader that’s hard to come by? You want speed, you say? Well, dude, jump over to EVDOinfo.com and order your Novatel V640 EVDO ExpressCard today. Better hurry, too, because their first shipment sold out faster than you could say, “Hey, Sprint ain’t got any of these and won’t for a while.” No link to the offer as you’ll have to go 1980s on this one and use the phone. Give ’em a call at (847) 462-4004 x640 to get yours ordered now.

Do note that you should be able to install the drivers for this right off the supplied CD-ROM as we’ve seen elsewhere; however, looks like there is an OS X install disc in the beta stages with a release around the corner. So truth is, you probably will be good to go on installation by the time you get this little hot dog into your, well, hot MacBook Pro.

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