My workday consists of a bunch of different tasks and projects all mashed together to form a rather unique example of multitasking. I have articles that need to be written right away, marketing work that needs to be done over here, and programming that needs to be done over there. Sometimes I just need to pause for a second and ask myself, “Which way am I going again?” Keeping track of where your time is going can be difficult enough for one person, but those of you who are involved in a company know that it’s even more difficult to figure out who’s doing what when there are numerous people to manage within a group. Toggl will help you to keep track of your time online.

This is a Web service, so you and all the rest of your cohorts can join in on the fun together online instead of through some complicated desktop software. They haven’t launched their premium service yet, but the free version allows you to have unlimited projects and team members indefinitely, which is beneficial and unique. Besides only keeping track of time spent on projects, you can also stay current with meeting times and agendas. Toggl will let you know exactly where your time is being spent. Hopefully all signs won’t lead to Arby’s.

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