With all of the little explosive surprises that Dell, Apple, and others have been dealing with lately in the battery department, I have come to an interesting revelation: Desktop computers are our friends. Seriously, don’t be in such an all fire rush to run out there and “upgrade” until you know that the new notebook of your choice is not going to melt down in your lap.

You have to admit that having your new (insert name of notebook product here) catch on fire while sitting there at the airport waiting for a plane would not likely go over so big with the security forces there. So take my stance and wait for all of these companies to get this problem handled.

I mean come on now, the lap that you save could very well be your own. Well that and having an expensive tool blow up right in front of you does not sound like a lot of fun to me, either.

Remember, just wait things out. I am sure that the companies above will soon become what Jack in the Box came to be in the washing hands department – super careful.