Yes, it’s true – I’ve had to say goodbye to IE 7 (for now).

It’s a case of To Print or Not To Print. My system, it seems, is one of the who-knows-how-many that generate a critical error when trying to print from Outlook 2003 (up to date).

This little gotcha comes in the form of what looks like a standard IE script error popup window. The text is not quite so standard, referencing “error 7′ and asking if you want to keep running scripts on that page. Well, that left me scratching my head. To my knowledge, I wasn’t running any scripts on any page.

Normally, this would be more of an annoyance than anything else. After all, aren’t we all supposed to moving toward the ‘paperless office’? On the other hand, you have to consider doing things like printing out recipes, cartoons for the Wall of Fame, receipts, coupons, and (so it seems) 4 million or so other things. Let’s face it, SOMETHING keeps me going through 5 reams of paper a year!

In the grand scheme of things, I’m a lot more attached to printing than I am a beta of a tabbed browser that can’t do many things my current browser has been doing for many months. So, it was bring out the Control Panel and chop out the offending software.

This is all very interesting, but there’s a deeper issue here. When I went digging for a source for this aggravating error, I got my second dose of bad news: nothing turned up. Nothing in Office help, nothing in general Help & Support, nothing in the Knowledgebase, nothing in the Office forums! When you get to that point, you’ve really only got two choices – either PAY for support or throw yourself on the massed intellect of the user forums. Fortunately for my wallet, the second option worked. I got a reply from an Office guru, who told me that the error was a known bug in IE 7, but that there was no known fix, except to uninstall IE 7. And that’s what I did.

If Microsoft doesn’t get this kind of crud fixed soon, IE 7 won’t debut any sooner than Vista (if then!).