I occasionally find myself searching for items to purchase online, but when it comes down to it, I hardly ever buy anything over the Internet. Why? Well, there’s really no particular reason for this behavior except for the fact that I prefer to actually go to the store and purchase an item in person. The buying process is much more satisfying to me when executed in that way. When I’m scouring the World Wide Web for something for sale, it’s usually only because I want more information about it so that I can make an educated buying decision offline. Now, if I could find items for sale in a certain price range, then I might be more inclined to purchase them online, and that’s what myTriggers.com is good for.

The site mainly functions as a comparison shopping service, and the deals are bountiful when they’re compiled from a number of different merchants. I like the way myTriggers.com gives you suggestions while you’re typing in what you’re shopping for. These suggestions may help you to think of things that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own. After you specify what you’re looking for, you then enter the maximum price that you’re willing to pay, and you’re off to the races. Depending on what you search for, you’re likely to find a large number of listings, and when you hover your mouse cursor over a link, you’ll receive a picture of the product and a short description of it. You can even get the latest search results via e-mail and RSS, so the deals just keep on coming. Are you going to pull the trigger?

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