The way that we receive information has changed quite a bit over the years. Newspapers used to be the standard, but as television became more popular, people began to migrate over to the Idiot Box. When the Internet first came along, the public was impressed with the speed at which we could receive news, but then we decided that instead of having to check sites manually for the latest scoop, automatic delivery of topics via e-mail and RSS would be a better fit for the already overloaded lives that we lead. With Feed Crier, you can get news even easier thanks to IM alerts.

You can sort of view Feed Crier as a stripped down news aggregator for your instant messaging client. The service currently only works with AIM, but support for other IM protocols is coming down the pipeline. Just send an IM to the screenname “feedcrier” and then say “subscribe your feed-URL” to receive instant alerts. Seriously, it’s as easy as that. There’s nothing to download, and account creation isn’t necessary to get started. In fact, you can check it out right now without even having to visit the Web site. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Back yet? Good. You can only subscribe to three feeds with the free version of Feed Crier, but if you go Pro, then unlimited notifications and other extras will be delivered to you.

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