E-mail is a fantastic tool for communicating in a digital one-on-one fashion, but once you start to expand the number of participants from there, things can begin to get a little crazy. Now, sending out a massive amount of e-mail’s to a list of subscribers is one thing, but just imagine if all of the recipients participated in the discussion by communicating through that one e-mail message. In a short amount of time, you’d be dealing with such a large clump of colorful and badly formatted text that you wouldn’t be able to connect the dots in an efficient way. 9cays is trying to fix the problems that are caused by group e-mail, and it looks like they have some interesting solutions.

Whenever you’re faced with starting a group discussion, you can rely on 9cays to take care of everything for you. Not only does each conversation have its own e-mail address, but you’ll also find that your discussion will have its own Web page, too. Whenever someone e-mail’s the unique discussion address, their message will go out to all of the participants and be archived on the Web page so that an accurate record can be kept of what was said. Participants can join or leave at any time, and everyone will always stay up-to-date on the latest happenings. Bye-bye confusion.

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