More people are creating online content now than ever before, but broadcasting your work out to the masses isn’t necessarily the safest thing to do. If your work has ever been ripped off, then you’re familiar with how irritating it can be. Some people feel like they can get away with certain things online, but it’s not a bad idea to call them on it when they do something that’s uncalled for. Your content is your content, and you should receive the ultimate credit for what you originally created. Identifying and protecting your content in an accurate way can sometimes be a slippery slope, but Numly will work to protect you.

They assign Electronic Serial Numbers to the digital content that you distribute, and you can sort of view these ESNs as bar codes for your work. If you ever run into an issue where proof of copyright is a necessity, then anyone can just enter your ESN on the Numly Web site in order to verify it. These numbers also allow you to track your content viewings and ratings, so there’s much more here than just content protection. This service is perfect for blog postings, podcasts, videos, software, and so on.

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