I’ve got tons of Windows Vista posts sitting over on my personal blog – it’s not like my bombastic assertions about the OS come from nowhere. There is a great disturbance in the force, and the underinformed are likely to suffer most. With permission, I’m going to share another part of the email thread that has been bouncing between power geeks all day. This is coming from Anthony Kinyon (though he used to go by a handle many here would recognize):

It’s not just Windows-hating fanatics writing about it. Again, I said not everything in Vista is bad. There are some cool new things. But it could have been so much better, that’s my complaint. Some of it just doesn’t make any sense (even Paul Thurrot said that in his review). It’s a real disappointment. Chris and I don’t hate Windows, we just think that the direction it is going with Vista is in a lot of ways… not the best direction or perhaps even… the wrong one. And Apple does have some good things to offer. There are alternatives. I wish MS had listened to users more and not just done it as they went along and hoped it worked out. The whole “Mama knows best” policy they employ often seems to backfire in their faces lately.

If the company had been broken up during their antitrust case in the USA, imagine how much better Windows would be if there was another, better Windows around the corner (more reason for innovation). MS could have done such a better job and I just feel so let down by Vista. I mean, what’s really that revolutionary or exciting about it? It looks kind of snazzy but besides that, what does it really offer me that I couldn’t do with XP or even Win2000? And again we come back to the strange interface. It just seems weird and things are not at all consistent. I get the strong impression the “right hand” did not know what the “left hand” was doing in many cases with Vista’s UI.

Given 5+ years… they could have done something a lot fancier and more fun. If you gave me 5 years to work on something I’d make sure it was a lot better than what came before it. Again, I am not a Windows hater (though sometimes I feel that way when something like IE crashes doing a simple task). I’ve used Windows since 3.1 on top of DOS. For years of my life I used it regularly (and still do). But they have really dropped the ball on Vista and Office lately. There is all this big marketing hype about how great it is, then you get it, your computer runs slower… and the benefit is what… cooler looking ALT + TAB screens? 🙂 I mean, sure there are other things that are improved but what’s really fantastic about it? I’m sure it fixes a lot of existing issues and things but a lot of regular users don’t care about that. What does Vista offer a power user that XP didn’t? Registry. Check. Device Manager. Check. Display Properties. Check. The only thing I can think of is DirectX 10 which they won’t support on XP (part of the ploy to force gamers to upgrade I suspect).

If Vista didn’t come pre-installed, would many people buy it off the shelf and install it? Let’s say OS X Tiger came instead of Vista. Would that many people really go down and have it removed and Vista installed? Some would, sure. But I doubt that many would.

You really need to start thinking about your next upgrade, folks. Don’t base your decision on the number of shelves at the electronics superstore, though. “Everybody” gets their software online these days. OS X is a viable contender to Windows Vista – in countless respects.

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