All of us that are financially responsible have bills that we need to take care of, and while some may have more than others, the common agreement that we can all reach is that it’s a drag to cut checks to pay the bills that we receive. If you’re not careful, then they can accumulate very quickly, and you’ll be left with a stack of money hungry pieces of paper that are ready to take a bite out of your checking account. Before too long, you may lose track of what’s going on and forget to pay certain bills, which is always a nasty mistake to make. If you need help with keeping track of your bills, then billQ is a free solution to look into.

This online service attempts to help bring order to your otherwise chaotic financial life. You can easily add and track bills (whether one-time or recurring), and when you pay a particular bill, you can move it to the Paid Bills category with one simple click. Oftentimes you may find yourself in a situation where a bill needs to be split up for multiple people to pay, and you can keep all of the participants in that transaction informed as to the status of that bill by creating groups and inviting specific members to those groups. When you add e-mail and SMS reminders to the mix, you begin to realize that you can no longer use the excuse that you forgot about a certain bill. Of course, all of this organization only works if you actually remember to add the bills to billQ.