Sitting in front of a computer all day everyday certainly isn’t great for your health. If your daily exercise primarily involves walking from your office to the kitchen in order to get some food, then you’re going to be out of shape in no time at all. Health? What health? I may be skinny, but I certainly need exercise just as much (if not more) as other people. It’s true – sitting on your butt and working on a computer can prevent you from getting some much needed exercise, so while you’re sitting on your butt, you might as well surf on over to Gimme20 in order to get some information on how to become fit.

With the help of this site and its community, you could be well on your way to receiving the exercise that you need. There are several illustrated step-by-step exercises that you can follow along with, and these exercises have been compiled into workout routines by the site’s members. You, too, can build a custom workout and then share it with the public. If you make a concerted effort, then you’re bound to make progress, and Gimme20 allows you to keep track of your results and weight. Thanks to the charts, you can even view your progress over time in a visual way. The community really is what it’s all about, so be sure to express yourself, find out what’s going on in you area, and both learn from and help others.

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