I’m just over two weeks away until my ten-day vacation to Maui, Hawaii. As I’ve mentioned before, this is a “no laptop” vacation, although I will have my BlackBerry 8700c with me (I have to; it’s my cell phone). But my intent is to leave as much “work worry” behind as I can. I will let you know how successful I am in that department when I return. My stress levels have been pretty high this year, and I really need an opportunity to decompress.

Despite a self-imposed ban on my laptop, I am not going to forgo other entertainment gadgets. I’ll have my trusty 60gb iPod Photo loaded and ready to supply plenty of music and podcasts for the flight over. And then I have my Creative Zen Vision 30gb portable media player. I will be loading a ton of video content from my ReplayTV DVRs onto it before we leave. I just purchased the extended life Li-Ion battery for it, so combined with the original battery, I should have plenty of power to run it on this long flight.

I will also be packing plenty of analog entertainment objects (AEOs), such as books. Lord knows how many half-read or not-even-started books I have laying around my house. My goal is to have everything caught up in the reading department, as I’ve pledged not to buy any new books until I’ve read all my current ones. Then the cycle will start up all over again.

I’ve got one of those handy Kensington power adapters with the various smart tips, plus a “Y” adapter, to charge two devices at once. So I’ll be able to charge my BlackBerry, iPod, and Zen Vision with a single charger. That sure beats having to pack three different AC adapters!

The irony is not lost on me – that I am using technology to escape from the stress of a technology-centric career. Perhaps in the future, I’ll have the discipline to do a vacation involving less of the stuff. But until then, it’s “gadgets, ahoy.”

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