Employees are getting work done in ways that they never have before, and this is happening (at least to some extent) because technological advances have given us so much to work with. Just think about how communication within the corporate world has changed within the last decade or so. Snail mail and phone calls may have been the norm in the past, but these days, e-mail, instant messaging, message boards, and wikis are the standard forms of communication for many employees. Wikis in particular are really beginning to gain some momentum, and you can see what all of the fuss is about by creating a free one for yourself at JotSpot.

Whether you want a wiki for your work or life, JotSpot has a solution for you, and along with the limited free version, a number of different paid plans are also available. A lot of the features of JotSpot will be familiar to wiki warriors, but there are also some expanded features that will prove to be useful to people who want to manage a wiki that contains more than just simple text. After customizing the design of your wiki to better fit your personality, you can then use it to collaborate on documents, schedule events online, and even share spreadsheets. Actually, that’s just the beginning, because you can also install other add-on applications and even create your own. Simply put, JotSpot will allow you to do more with a wiki than you’ve ever done before.

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