Publishing content on the Internet has become unbelievably simple, and whether you want to distribute text, audio, or video, there are plenty of ways to get your stuff out there. For those of you who thought that creating a Web page in HTML was too difficult or time consuming, blogging came along to simplify the process, and so did a collection of CMS solutions. In fact, content publishing has become so simple that you can even do it straight from your instant messaging client with Sabifoo.

Although Sabifoo may sound like something that Adam Sandler would say, it’s actually a pretty nifty IM publishing service. Instead of having to sign-up for anything, all that you need to do is add the Sabifoo contact to your buddy list and then send it a message. As soon as you do that, a unique Web page and RSS feed will be created, and they’ll contain the content that you just sent. Whenever you get the urge to update your feed, just send the Sabifoo contact a message and the work will be done on your behalf. Does it get any easier than this?

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