If you know anything about blogging and technology, then you’ve probably heard of Robert Scoble. Scoble was one of the core figures behind Channel 9 and blogging at Microsoft, and his efforts had a dramatic effect on improving how people viewed the company. Every company needs a human face to represent it and add some personality to the mix, and in Microsoft’s case, it wasn’t Bill Gates – it was Robert Scoble. Ever since he left Microsoft and moved on to PodTech, many of us have been waiting to see the results of his efforts there, and thankfully, we now have ScobleShow.

Robert was one of the first people to admit that the site still needs some help, but since it was just launched, that makes sense. The ScobleShow is Robert’s outlet for his continued discussions with geeks, developers, and technology in general, and he’s not afraid to whip out the video camera and record what’s going on in the tech scene. He has a real knack for these video features, and that shines through in his work. I’ve already watched a couple of the videos, and I absolutely love what I’m seeing. Keep ’em coming, Scoble.

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