Okay, if I’m going to do this every week, I’m going to need y’all to send me your favorite new freeware finds whenever you find them. Please? I mean, the Internet gets bigger by the day – and there’s only so much this single Gnome can do. Assuming you can help me, let me give you our first “Freeware Friday” roundup!

Snippy – “How often have you carefully selected some text from a Web page and copied it to an email message? Snippy makes this a snap! Simply click on the little Snippy icon in the taskbar notification area, and mark out the region of the screen that you want to copy — that’s it, you’re done! The cut-out image will now be in your clipboard, and you can paste it in another application.”

CD Art Display – “CD Art Display (formerly Winamp CD Case) is a free desktop program that shows the current song cover in a skinnable display. Winamp 5, AlbumPlayer 4.6, iTunes 6, foobar2000 (with Winamp API Emulator plugin), MediaMonkey, MP3Toys and QMP.”

The Sitter Downers SoundBoard – “The SoundBoard loads up to twelve .wav files, and allows you to play them at the click of a button. Each sound clips can be renamed have its volume set, and a position chosen. This configuration can be saved, and loaded so that your SFX are always instantly available and at the correct volume and position. Six
‘favourite’ sound schemes can be chosen so that they can be quickly retrieved.”

Pandora’s Box – “The problem I found with Pandora is that even with a minimal window, it meant there was another Internet Explorer / Firefox window open cluttering up my screen and I accidently either close the browser or refresh the window! I always thought it would be cool to have it run in the tasktray like Winamp and so took an hour off this evening to develop what I am calling Pandoras Box.”

2hotspot – “2hotspot is a service that enables you to create wireless hotspots for different purposes. Since 2hotspot software can run on any PC, your laptop is potentially a portable hotspot. 2 hotspot software supports all wireless routers and access points. Don’t have an access point? You can start with just a WiFi card.”

Got any classic clicks – or new faves you’ve just found?

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