Everyone has a story, and you can learn a lot about someone and yourself if you just sit down with them and exchange stories and life experiences. You may think you know someone, but you have no idea what they’re really like until you hear more about their background. The Internet is a resource that is fantastic for enabling people to share stories and moments with one another, and you can easily do this with text, audio, and video thanks to the abundance of helpful services that are making a name for themselves. Instead of spreading your personal content out all over the place, use OurStory to store your memories on one Web site.

Some stories require more than just plain text to be told effectively, and OurStory allows you to use both words and images to get your point across. Members can create timelines in order to be more specific about when a certain event happened, and this is helpful to anyone that is viewing the content. Once you’ve compiled your list of moments, you can then share it with friends and family so that they can interact with you by commenting on specific items. Storing these memories online is nice and all, but if you want to have a physical copy of your memories, then you can create custom books and DVDs with OurStory.

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