I’ll be honest, since I’m relatively new to my community, I don’t really know many of my neighbors. Oddly enough, one time when I was out to eat with some of my family, I randomly entered into a conversation with a family at a table next to ours that just so happened to live right across the street from me! It’s a small world after all, isn’t it? Besides that family, I’m not familiar with any of my other neighbors. I occasionally see them cutting their grass and walking their dogs, but that’s about it. Many people think that a connected community is a good community, and if you agree with that, then you can try to connect with your neighbors through I-Neighbors.

I didn’t find an online community for my neighborhood when I searched for my local zip code, but that’s OK because I can create one if I want to. You can view the I-Neighbors communities as a place for you and your neighbors to communicate, plan events, and discuss the issues that are at hand in your area. I-Neighbors even takes this connectivity to the next level by allowing and encouraging you to contact your elected officials by sending a fax through their network. Besides, if you want to see some big changes in your community, then you should probably go to the top.

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