IT services outsourcing is what you need to do when, not if, your prospects ask for products and services that you are not able to deliver. Many new business owners think they need to know everything. They fear not being able to offer every service under the sun.

The great thing about the computer industry is that there are plenty of people you can use for IT services outsourcing. When you first start up, your concentration needs to be on getting business. You need to spend time networking and relationship marketing.

In order to have the time to do this you need to rely on IT services outsourcing – there just simply is not enough time for you to learn everything you will be asked to deliver.

Rather than lose the relationship, you want to be able to offer your prospects the services they need. To do this you essentially have two alternatives for IT services outsourcing:

Work out referral relationships with other niche technology providers in your area.
Set up partnerships and subcontractor relationships.

The quickest and easiest way to set up your IT services outsourcing is to set up partnerships or subcontractor relationships. This is a fast and efficient way to deal with the issue.

Of course, if you continue to get lots of requests for the same type of IT services, then you should probably consider getting the skills to offer it in-house. When there is a large enough need then the time and money invested make good sense. Until that time though, IT services outsourcing is your best option.

Bottom Line on IT Services
Outsourcing, like it or not, you can’t know everything. When prospects ask for services you don’t offer, rather than lose the relationship, look to IT services outsourcing instead. Build referral relationships with other niche IT service providers or set up subcontractor or partnership arrangements. By doing this you maintain your client and leave yourself open to the possibility of offering the service yourself down the road.

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