It seems like most of us have digital cameras these days, and many camera models are so compact that you can easily carry them around with you wherever you go. This has allowed us to take snapshots of just about anything that we may run into in our travels. Therefore, we have a lot of photos on our hard drives, and sometimes these photos may need a little bit of extra help in expressing themselves. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but if it’s not saying any of them, then the message really isn’t getting across. To encourage your photos to do the talking, use Bubblesnaps.

Can you imagine if a comic strip that usually featured dialog didn’t contain any thought or speech bubbles? Without them, you’d just see pictures, and you wouldn’t really know what was going on. Likewise, without captions, some of your digital pictures may be suffering. Bubblesnaps allows you to easily add speech and thought bubbles to your uploaded photos, and as you would imagine, you can customize the size and position of these additions. The bubbles will play out in the order that you added them, and you can then send your creation out to your friends and post it on your Web site. In this case, we really are in a bubble, after all.

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