It’s been a while since my last post… but I’m going to get back in the saddle again soon. Consider this my foot in the first stirrup. After my Maui vacation, I’m finding it hard to get back into the same groove I was in before. I promise to post some of my pictures soon, including some sunsets that are just unreal.

Anyhow, I’m posting a brief description of how customer service should be. I have a Jabra BT800 Bluetooth headset that I use with my BlackBerry 8700c. The piece of plastic that connects the wrap around strap to the headset itself broke off, rendering the headset useless, albeit still functional electronically speaking. It was within the one-year warranty period, so I knew I could probably get it fixed or replaced.

I called Jabra’s support line, and after roughly a five-minute hold, got a support rep who told me how to pop off the broken piece from around the earphone/speaker, and he is sending out a couple of replacement ear wrap parts. No fuss, no muss. I did run out and pick up another inexpensive Bluetooth headset, namely because Chicago has a hands-free ordinance (you’d never know it because of all the knuckleheads who continue to drive with their phone in one hand during rush hour). Now I’ll have a backup unit.

Bluetooth has been out for a while, as most of you know, but I find Bluetooth headsets to be an interesting phenomenon. I broke down and got mine because the corded headset I was using would get snagged too easily. Sometimes I would send my BlackBerry flying across the car as I turned a corner because my hand caught the cord as I was cranking the steering wheel. Once I got a Bluetooth headset, I’d never go back. But what I find interesting (and I poke fun at) are the people who go into movies, restaurants, and other public places with those things strapped to their ears. Mine stays strictly in the car, with an occasional use at my desk if I need to do keyboard work while taking a wireless call (very rare). I’d feel like a chump sitting in a fine dining establishment with that telltale blue light flashing on the side of my head – besides, what message does that send to the person you’re sharing your meal with? And in a movie theater, it’s annoying enough to see bright cell LCDs light up during the show (mostly teens with SMS addictions), but seeing the “blue light special” irks me. I just about lost it when I saw a guy at a bar once with, and this is no joke, a Bluetooth headset in each ear. Did he have two phones? I don’t know. Did he have a single phone that he hacked to have two active headsets? Not likely. Did he look like a pompous jackass? Absolutely.

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