Who likes FREE? Everybody!

So why do companies offer free software products and are they as good as the paid commercial versions?

  1. Companies offer free software in the hopes that once you try their product you will buy their paid version of the software.
  2. Competition in the marketplace is fierce and it is difficult for new software vendors to get their product known without offering it for free.
  3. And the small software maker hopes that one of the bigger companies might buy their product so they can become the next software millionaires. This happened last year when Microsoft bought software maker Giant software and relabeled the software as Microsoft Windows Defender.
  4. Most Free software is on par or better than the commercial paid versions.

We must first understand that no single anti-spyware product offers 100% protection from spyware. We must use a variety of software from different makers to protect and clean our computers.

So who makes free anti-spyware products?

Microsoft offers a free anti-spyware product called Windows Defender. In order to use Windows Defender you must be using Windows XP with Service Pack #2 and have a legal copy of Windows. Microsoft will scan your system prior to allowing you to download Windows Defender to confirm your system meets these requirements.

The most impressive feature of Windows Defender is that it is very user friendly. There is very little user intervention once it is installed on your system. It provides real time protection and will also update itself using the Windows update service. You can download a free copy from the Microsoft Windows Defender Web site.

Tomorrow – more free ani-spyware programs

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