My days are usually so long and packed with activity that when I hit the bed late at night, I’m more than ready to go to sleep, and I tend to do so quickly. I used to remember more of my dreams than I do now, and I guess that’s because I’m so out of it when I sleep these days that I barely know what’s going on. Of course, just like everyone else, I’ve had some super bizarre dreams. One of my favorites that I tell people about occasionally is the one where there was a highway that was closed and traffic was backed up for miles because I (and I alone) was doing roadwork. What was I doing? Jackhammering – that’s it. The entire dream consisted of that and nothing else. Don’t ask me where that came from, but if you think you have an interesting dream (or regularly have interesting dreams) that other people would like to learn about, then start a dream journal on Sawlogs.

You can post your dreams by specifying the dates that you had them, and you can even share the day’s events that likely influenced your dream to be what it was. Sawlogs keeps track of your dreams, and the service provides statistics that are based on the information that you put into the system. Maybe you’ll find someone who dreams a lot like you. Sleep well, everyone.

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