One of my new favorite places to host photos is Thumbq. It is a new service that rolled out not too long ago, and it has a few features that separates it from the other free file hosting services. It is a straight forward service that holds no punches when it comes to delivering an alternative to some of the other services like it out there that have gone stale.

Via the front page of the Thumbq Web site, you can pick at most 10 different images or graphics to upload to your account. The “Add” link lets you to add up to 10 uploads and the “x” link by the side of the upload box lets you remove the specific upload field. Once that has been said and done, then all you need to do is hit the upload button. Now depending on the file sizes and the amount of files you are sending to them, it might take a minute or two.

You do not have to register to use the service. If you do register though, you get a few more perks such as the ability to track your uploads and edit captions and view statistics.

Sure there are a lot of choices out there for free photo hosting, that much is for sure. It is nice to have a choice when it comes to these things. I would be willing to place money on the fact though that Thumbq can stand up to the rest and maybe even beat some of the best.

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