Every once and awhile I have gone to Wal-Mart’s site mainly to compare their pricing to that of their competitors, and I always found it hard to navigate. It seemed no matter what I was looking for it was buried under layers and layers of webpages, which was very annoying. And though we have ordered some items from Wal-Mart online, it has never been our primary shopping preference.

But after a year of upgrades, the world’s largest retailer has unveiled a new site with a new look and rich-media content. But the main change that will sure to please all visitors is the improved checkout to get shoppers through in just four clicks. Now that’s quick!

Wal-Mart is betting that their new site will do what the retailer does best. Move a lot of goods at low prices. Wal-Mart estimates that over 300 million shoppers will visit their site this holiday season. This holiday season will test the online giant and see how much it has learned about online retailing.

Visit Wal-Mart Online and see what you think.

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