He uses a Linux notebook, she prefers the Apple iBook. They both utilize Google Calendar to keep their days straight throughout an otherwise hectic lifestyle.

It’s great, seems like only yesterday my girlfriend balked at the very idea of using PIM (personal information manager) of any kind. Then recently I asked her to create a Google Calendar so that I could receive SMS alerts to her work schedule changes.

You know something, considering that I am not really a fan of many things that Google does, I have to admit that its calendar is a smooth way to sneak someone into the world of PIM usage. In short, I think that she is totally hooked. And something else that has struck me on a positive note with Google Calendar is the fact that I can stay up to date on whatever is happening in my girlfriend’s life, all from the same calender.

Look, it’s not like I am saying that using a PIM to keep track of your significant other’s day is the best way to keep your relationship on track. But it sure beats the heck out of trying to run around looking up everyone’s schedules on some random sticky-notes, that’s for sure. Google Calendar – who would have thought?
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