Some users are reporting problems with updating McAfee products after they install Internet Explorer 7.0 on their systems. McAfee has posted a solution on how to repair the problem: McAfee Fix Page.

A new computer attack could disable Windows Firewall on systems that use ICS [Internet Connection Sharing] leaving the PC open to attack. Read the story here: Windows Firewall Attacked.

Microsoft is offering their new Windows Media Player 11 for Free download here: Windows Media Player 11.

Google now offers Doc’s and Spreadsheets online. Check out this new Google feature: Google Doc’s and Spreadsheets.

Microsoft offers virtual PC 2004 for Free download: Microsoft Virtual PC 2004.

Need a Free Accounting Program? Microsoft is offering their Free Office Accounting 2007 Express. You can order the CD for Free here: Microsoft Office Accounting 2007 Express

OR download a free copy here: Download

* The download is over 200MB – broadband is highly recommended.

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