This is the single dumbest thing I have ever read – hands down. Not because of where I am reading it mind you, rather because of the fact that the Zune is not Vista compatible. Are you kidding me?

OK look. If Microsoft is not able to create hardware and then support it properly, then stop embarrassing your company and wasting our time. Those people out there looking at buying a Zune are not going to waste their time with it now. After all, it’s as clear as day that Microsoft hasn’t even bothered with a Vista Zune driver “coming soon” statement or anything – brilliant!

To be fair though, I still have seen no clear indication that the iPod or iTunes is compatible with Vista either, thus showing little interest from Apple as well. I could be wrong here, but Apple’s website clearing says XP, not Vista.

It’s a sad day for Vista in my opinion. They had what could have been a powerful marketing tool for music lovers to do what Apple did with the iPod/iTunes back in the day. Instead, Microsoft failed and failed badly on this one.

Never fear folks, reports say that Microsoft will be releasing a patch to make their Zune work…come January. Cool, a patch to make a Microsoft product work with another Microsoft product. Makes sense to me!
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