This guide will explain how to use a Flash Memory drive to backup the Shared Documents folder on a computer.


  1. Insert Flash Memory Drive into the USB port on the front, side or rear of the computer.
  2. Double click “My Computer” on the Desktop or go to Start – My Computer.
  3. Right Click the Shared Documents folder, select “Send To”, and then select “Removable Device”.
  4. If you receive a prompt to overwrite the files currently on the drive, check to make sure you do not want the old versions of the files. If you do not receive the overwrite prompt, then proceed to step 5.
  5. The files will begin to copy over to the Flash Memory drive. This can take a long time, depending upon the amount of data that is being transferred. When it is complete the “File Transfer” window will disappear.
  6. In My Computer, Right Click the Removable Device and select Eject. It will then disappear from the screen and you can unplug the Flash Memory Card from the computer.

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