Microsoft is attempting to compete against the very popular Apple iPod. I own a iPod and I must say it is a great device. The reviews I have read about Zune makes one wonder how well it will fair against the iPod. Until the system is tested more throughly, I don’t think I’ll be tosing my iPod in the trash. Besides, I have to much money invested to change now. Others may have a differing opinion.

“Microsoft’s much-publicized Zune media player has just hit the market. After a few hours of playing with it, I’m impressed — less impressed with the hardware; more impressed with the software.

Physically, the Zune lacks the iPod’s jewelry-like qualities: no slick chrome back, no incredibly cool touch-sensitive scrollwheel, slightly bigger, much boxier. While the Zune imitates the iPod’s stark, featureless, how-do-I-use-this-thing design, that only works once. When you see it again in the Zune it’s not even flattery, it’s just imitation. I got the white Zune (it also comes in black and brown) with a white case that seems to be covered by a layer of frosty polyethylene. It doesn’t fingerprint as badly as the iPod, but it does make the Zune look like an iPod in a Tupperware container.”

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