One of the hardest computer concepts to teach to new students involves the different files types and how this may affect the ability to view files on a particular computer system. File associations are basically three letter extensions that are affixed to the end of a files name, so that Windows knows which program should open the file for viewing. And for the most part this is done automatically for us with little or no user intervention.
Here’s the hard part. This is one example [it can be any software]. I go down and buy a new HP digital camera that comes with the official HP software that I install on my system. During the installation there are questions asked of me that I may not know fully what is being asked, so I answer Yes or No. One of the questions that MAY be asked is do I want the HP software to handle all of my picture files? Sure why not! So I answer Yes to this question. What I have told Windows is to allow the HP software to control ALL pictures on my system. I take a few pictures which I can see on my computer perfectly. But I email the pictures to friends or family and they see nothing. 🙁

The answer is simple. Your friends or family may not have the same software installed on their system. What to do? You can use the web site below to convert your pictures or other files on your system to a format that should be able to be seen by everyone.

Free Online File Conversion.

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