I love going out and finding new ways to make my desktop look nice. I have seen folks that just have a few snapshots up or maybe a silly graphic centered in the middle and it makes me mad. There are so many beautiful wallpaper choices out there – why go with something that bland and dull? Well, to help me with my wallpaper addiction, I have found Wallperizer.

The author of Wallpaperizer writes:

Wallperizer is a desktop wallpaper changer. Once you install it, the program only asks you one directory from where to use pictures as desktop wallpaper. After this, the program will be accessible from the system tray menu. You can add up to 100 directories where the program would look for pictures which would be used as wallpapers. The wallpaper can be changed automatically, either in order or randomly.

That is not where the cool features stop, though. Brightness normalization is an automatic process where bright pictures are made darker and dark pictures are made brighter, which can be used to bring the brightness of wallpapers close to the environmental light. A calendar can be displayed on the wallpaper. Calendars have skins as well. You can edit, load, and save calendar skins.

Overall, I have to say this is a great freeware program for anybody who is in love with finding multiple wallpapers and does’t have enough time to use them all.

[1.3M] [Win98/ME/2k/XP] [FREE]

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