Here’s my Thanksgiving message in a Lockergnome newsletter from 1999 (content which is currently not archived in our system). I’ve been doing this a while, my friends:

In a couple of days, most Americans will be celebrating a major holiday called ‘Thanksgiving.’ It’s a time when we can sit down with friends and family and be thankful for the things that we have (health, heart, and hopefully happiness). I guess I see no reason for anybody else on this planet to be thankful for what they have as well. So, even if you’re not eating turkey on Thursday, why not think about just one “thing” in your life that you’re thankful for. Ya know, like a CD burner, girlfriend, boyfriend, or the latest bill from the electric company. Oy! So perhaps that last example’s not a good one. The point is: our lives may not be perfect, but there must be at least ONE thing that keeps us going day after day. What am I thankful for? The opportunity to share information with y’all. Yes, I’m very thankful for you. No, that’s not supposed to sound sappy – if you weren’t reading this stuff, who would? Thank you.

Followed up a year later (2000) with the following note:

What are you thankful for? Even if you don’t live in the United States of America, I’m sure you can find something to smile about. It’s the Thanksgiving holiday, and I’ll be getting together with friends and family members in the afternoon hours. Perhaps I’ll run into my alter ego, Chris Parillo (who is the one working with PC World. If I’m real lucky, I’ll meet my evil twin, too: Chris J Rirllo (the guy who purchased that router). Yeah, I don’t think anybody has ever spelled my last name correctly — but that’s the fun part! So, while it may sound trite, I’m thankful that enough of you noticed those minor name misspellings the other day. It tells me that doing THIS is… worth doing. Thank you for being a friend; thank you for sticking with us through thick and thin. I realize I’m a real turkey, but it’s better than being chicken.

And here we are, halfway through the decade, and I still feel the same about everyone who reads Lockergnome. Thanks. 😉

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