I couldn’t help but pass this along, since I figured many of you have been in the same boat as this fellow Gnomie…

My name is Brent, I am 17, and I am a long-time Firefox user. I am a longer-since Windows user (since I was old enough to have the clutches of Microsoft forced on me like religion in Texas). I was searching for a shell to replace the “almighty” Explorer.exe, and finally be able to trim down a great deal of useless resource hogging services. So, after searching high and low, trying anything and everything that promised it would work the way I wanted it to, and not the way it forced it to, I stopped at LiteStep. I enjoyed it, but it just was hard to navigate and personalize the way I wanted. So I made Firefox my shell. It’s the best thing I ever did.

However, there are a handful of issues, several of which I was able to resolve in downloading the Firefly extension, and a few that I have not been able to figure out. This is why I decided to ask the best learned person I could think of. So, Chris, I want to get FF to open as the shell already in full screen mode (like when you hit F11), and I have been racking my brain to figure it out, but every time I start my computer, it is restored to a window or occasionally maximized. (And who decided that programs would open and close in random positions / sizes / states?) Also, is there a way in FF to get rid of the minimize, restore, and close buttons?

I would like for it to open as if there is no other choice, as if unless you CTRL + ALT + DEL, it isn’t going away, kind of like Explorer, only more stable and less resource-intensive. I mean to say, it would be perfect if I could just get rid of that titlebar or in full screen drop of the window buttons. I will have you know though, that I like it a lot, and it works pretty well. It’s fully skinable, and there are only a few drawbacks. Once I created a directory for the programs, I was able to use Firefly as the desktop/start menu all-in-one access home page, plus icons for the turn off dialogue and control panel. TweakUI allowed me to rid myself of the Explorer once and for all, and running in firefox has improved the speeds of Photoshop and 3ds max. Foxytunes is a great way to control Winamp without having to see it at all. What else could you ask for, really? Besides maybe a clock, a calendar, to have my tray programs start-up with the computer.

So, what do y’all think? Is it worth trying?

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