Windows Vista is scheduled to be released on November 30th, 2006 to businesses. While the consumer version is scheduled for release on January 30th, 2007. This extra time will allow the OEM’s to setup Windows Vista on consumer machines and complete distribution to retail outlets.

“Ballmer talks to InformationWeek about next week’s major product launches, incentives to upgrade, Vista security, “software and service” vs. “software as a service,” and competing with Apple, Linux, and purpose-built appliances.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will be in New York on Nov. 30 to introduce major upgrades to three of Microsoft’s flagship products: the Windows Vista operating system, Office 2007 application suite, and Exchange Server 2007 e-mail system. In advance of that announcement, Ballmer talked with InformationWeek editor John Foley about the significance of the product launch to Microsoft’s business customers. We also asked about Microsoft’s plan for continuing to develop innovative products amid fundamental changes in how software is delivered and accessed.

InformationWeek: You describe this product launch as a new era for business computing. What’s the big deal?

Ballmer: It’s Vista and Office and Exchange, but it’s also the launch of a wave of products, some of which ship immediately and some of which come out over the next year or so. Number one, we enhance our traditional value proposition, in terms of end-user, individual productivity. When we say things like, the Ribbon changes everything, I really mean it. The Ribbon [part of Office 2007’s user interface] changes everything. There are things in both Windows Vista and in Office that dramatically enhance individual productivity.”

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