Because different kinds of computer users need different features in their operating system, Microsoft offers multiple editions, or retail “SKUs,” of Microsoft Windows Vista, each oriented to the needs of specific types of customers. During the coming weeks, I will be covering the different versions of Vista, and how each is designed to meet the needs of home users and/or business users.

“The first version of Vista is HOME BASIC:


Windows Vista Home Basic is the entry-level offering for consumers. Highlights include:

§ Significant advances in security and reliability

§ Parental Controls

§ Windows Vista Basic user interface

§ Search and Organize innovations

§ Improved networking


Windows Vista Home Basic is designed to be easy to set up, to help people use their PCs securely and reliably, to help people stay better connected, and, like all of the editions of Windows Vista, to be compatible with the widest range of software, devices, and services that people use and trust. For those who simply want to use their PC for tasks such as surfing the Internet, corresponding with friends and family using email, or performing basic document creation and editing tasks, Windows Vista Home Basic delivers a safer, more reliable, and more effective computing environment.

Estimated retail pricing: Upgrade $99.00 Full Version: $199.00

The second version of Vista is HOME PREMIUM:

Windows Vista Home Premium is the mainstream edition of Windows Vista for consumer desktop and mobile PCs. It includes all features available in Windows Vista Home Basic, plus:

§ Windows Aero™ user interface

§ Windows Media Center functionality

§ Additional digital media features such as authoring and DVD burning

§ Windows Tablet PC capability

§ Additional mobility features such as PC-to-PC synchronization

Windows Vista Home Premium makes finding information, staying connected, and interacting with your PC easier and more secure. Using, organizing, and sharing photos, video, TV programs, and music becomes a part of your everyday life. With Windows Vista Home Premium, balancing your checkbook, doing homework, watching a movie, listening to music, or playing a game is a better and more enjoyable experience.”

Estimated retail pricing: Upgrade: $159.00 Full Version: $239.00

Use this handy chart from Microsoft to compare the different versions here.



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