“According to Microsoft, Windows Vista Ultimate is the flagship edition of Windows Vista across consumer and small business desktop PCs and mobile PCs. The primary user of Windows Vista Ultimate is the individual, such as a small business owner, who has a single PC to use both at home and at work. This edition includes all of the features available in Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Enterprise.

Windows Vista Ultimate is the first operating system that combines the advanced infrastructure of a business-focused operating system, the productivity of a mobility-focused operating system, and the digital entertainment features of a consumer-focused operating system. For users who want their PC to be great for working at home, on the go, and at the office, Windows Vista Ultimate is the no-compromise operating system that provides it all.

Estimated Retail Pricing: Upgrade: $259.00 Full Version: $399.00


Windows Vista Starter is designed to empower families and entry-level users in selected emerging markets to take advantage of the social and educational benefits that personal computer technology and the Internet make possible. Highlights of this edition include:

§ Advances in security and reliability

§ Search and Organize innovations

§ Windows Vista Basic user interface

§ 32-bit only operating system designed specifically for lower-cost computers

Windows Vista Starter helps families in emerging technology countries be more successful by providing an affordable, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-use computing experience. It is compatible with the latest applications and devices and is more reliable and secure because it is part of the Windows Vista family of products.”

Estimated Retail Pricing: N/A

Use this handy chart from Microsoft to compare the different versions here.



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