Both Symantec and McAfee will be offering their own security suites for Micorosft Windows Vista. So it seems that the two largest software security vendors are still in the game. Though Windows Vista will provide added security enhancements described below, a good anti-virus program will still be needed. Those that feel comfortable using either Symantec or MacAfee products may opt to continue to do so, in lieu of trying what Microsoft has to offer.
“I believe some security vendors are worried about their future — and rightly so. The out-of-box experience for Windows Vista will include a two-way (outbound and inbound) firewall, anti-spyware protection, an operating system that asks for permission prior to allowing administrative tasks, and a redesigned Internet Explorer 7 that works in a protected mode that separates your browsing experience from the operating system. Having all of these features provides you with a very secure out-of-box experience.

After working with the latest Windows Vista Release Candidate 2, I have several predictions and observations that I would like to share. The two-way firewall protection included in Vista will not put software firewall companies out of business just yet, but I see that market drying up as we approach the first service pack of Vista. Microsoft still has some catch-up to do. Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6 were full of security flaws and holes. It was also very cumbersome to run as a limited user account (LUA). Almost everyone runs Windows XP with a computer administrator account. This is a security nightmare and helped malware and spyware thrive in the Windows XP era. It wasn’t until XP SP2 that Microsoft finally began securing XP. All of these flaws and holes in security opened the doors for security companies such as Zone Alarm, Norton, Lavasoft, McAfee, etc. In the PC world of today, it is a requirement to have software firewalls, anti-virus, spyware and rootkit detection to keep your computer safe. This is why I am so excited about Windows Vista — I’m not going to have to buy all those other security products anymore! All of these third-party products will become obsolete as Microsoft’s security products evolve and mature. This is what security vendors are worried about. They are in no immediate danger but they are scurrying to come up with plans for the future. Microsoft still has some catch-up to do before the out-of-box experience is up to par with the current security products available, but it has security vendors asking some really hard questions such as, “What will we be able to offer that the out-of-box experience doesn’t already provide?”

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