Well it’s been a little over a week since I installed the final release of Microsoft’s new operating system Vista on my dual boot test computer. The RTM [Release To Manufacture] version of Vista installed automatically on my system and required very little user intervention. I had to install new Vista compliant drivers for my NVidia FX5500 display adapter and my onboard Realtek AC97 sound. But that was basically all I had to do. All of my other hardware was detected automatically for me.

Setting up a wireless network was also done for me. After using the install wizard, the system located my wireless network adapter and then connected to my DLink router after I entered in my WEP key. I was able to surf the Internet immediately and was advised there was one update available. Turn out this was for Microsoft Windows Defender, which had a definition update. Windows Defender is the built in anti-spyware that Microsoft is including with Vista.

OK. I needed virus protection. I had been offered a free subscription to Live OneCare, which is Microsoft’s answer to offering a total security protection plan which includes anti-virus, anti-spyware, system maintenance functions, firewall and backup/restore feature. Downloaded and install Live OneCare and did a quick scan of the system. All was well.

So I started looking under the hood for what, if anything, was new since Release Candidate 2. I didn’t notice any changes. Which is good because it meant that Microsoft must of been satisfied with RC2 before the final release. But I did notice that the final build seemed faster and smoother then RC2.

Aero the new interface along with 3D flip, which allows you to scroll through your open applications, are still the two features that new users will notice right away. What new users will struggle with is finding some of the accessories that are now buried or have changed appearance from Windows XP. But users are still allowed to use the old classic menu system if they wish.

Overall I like using Vista. Hopefully during the next several weeks, I will be able to install more software and see how if performs.

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