We have all heard the warning about email, ‘if you don’t know who it is from, don’t open it.’ Then why do people continue to have problems with virus infections? Simple. They are tricked into taking a action they normally would not do.

Virus Tricks – What to watch out For:

You may receive a email that appears to be from a friend or family member. The attachment may state that ‘this is the document you have requested’ or other such wording. The attachment itself may be in Microsoft Word format and contain a infected macro, which you can’t see, and which is embedded into the document itself.

You may also receive a email using a legitimate company name such as Microsoft. Microsoft has previously reported that a virus was being sent under the guise of being a security bulletin from the company. And be aware that companies such as Microsoft normally do not send out virus bulletins.

You may mistake what appears to be a harmless text file such as “I-Love-You.txt.vbs” when in fact the file contains a vicious worm. Or what appears to be a harmless Jpeg image that can send itself through your email addressbook.

And then there is the offer you can’t refuse. Come on. Let’s face it. We all find it hard to resist those FREE offers. Even though the little voice in our head tells us to beware.

What is your BEST line of defense:

  • Keep your anti-virus, antispyware and other security software protections up to date.
  • If you have broadband such as cable or DSL, always keep a hardware and/or software firewall between you and the internet.
  • Be aware that even the best security protection software can be fooled, so train yourself to practice safe computing habits.

And check out this site for other great suggestions. Take a look here for starters.

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