One of my neighbors who just purchased a new Xbox 360 mentioned to me that he was having trouble downloading movies to his system. Further checking revealed that this appears to have been a problem for many. But it also appears that Microsoft will be issuing refunds. Hopefully this information will assist you in claiming your refund if one is due you.

With any brand new service there are bound to be some bugs in the system, and Microsoft is certainly having their fair share. Gamers across the U.S. flocked to the Xbox Live Marketplace on November 22 to download their favorite television shows and movies. Microsoft’s servers were getting hit so hard, that the Xbox Live response time overall slowed down. I was trying to download the trial for Small Arms and it took a while simply because their servers were being overwhelemed. I don’t think Microsoft was sufficiently prepared for just how popular this service would be.

However, there has been one major problem. There have been some gamers that have tried to download a show or movie, only to not get anything at all. In other words the Microsoft points would be deducted from their account however the gamer in question would either get the wrong show/movie or they wouldn’t get anything at all. [Source:]

Get the phone number to call for a refund.

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