Boy, is this anonymous Gnomie steamed…

The WGA kill switch did kick in when I scheduled a chkdsk to run on next reboot. They are lying about it not kicking in – the keyboard was LOCKED – there was no prior notification – those WGA screens came up AFTER the keyboard was locked. Computer came up only in SAFE MODE. Corporate customer. When I clicked on RESOLVE now, it went to a site THAT NO LONGER EXISTS. I have witnesses to all this.

Computer was purchased 2 years ago.

Took it to Best Buy at 8pm. Best Buy looked at the hologram sticker and said the computer was genunine. Someone there mentioned the reseller – a MAJOR NORTHERN CALIFORNIA NAME – had been cited for non-genuine licenses, but that it was in the newspapers. This reseller was ALSO burned by Microsoft themselves. While acknowledging our company had been swindled, none of this was fair business practice, they offered their “911 service” – meaning, 24-hour turnaround – which would have cost us $900 dollars. They tried to figure out a way to lower the cost to us. However, all our biz programs would have to be reloaded. This means we’re SOL for 3 days.

So who knows what exactly is going on, except somewhere along the line a racketeer is being protected, and I’ll slam that on Bill Gates desk. The buck stops there.

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