Every once in awhile you run into a computer problem, that you can’t get fixed, and it’s a little embarrassing. Such was the case this past weekend. My wife and I were visiting our relatives and the conversation turned to a computer problem. It was explained to me that the new computer system the relatives had, was displaying a error message when they tried to delete a folder. The folder in question was one that they had created, which they no longer were using.

Piece of cake I thought to myself. Well after a hour of struggling and trying all the tricks I knew, the folder still was there. I kept getting a error message ‘ can’t delete folder, it is being used by another person or program’, which was not the case.

So I jumped on the internet and did a quick Google search for the error message. Surprise! I found a link which was from one of the forums I belong to at lockergnome.com, in which a similar problem and solution was posted. I gave the third party software a try, and the folder was gone.

Upon returning home I went to the website where I had originally located the software which is called Unlocker. I read the authors description of his product which he claims will also remove files and folders, for other system error messages as well.

Please take a look at this software which I highly recommend. And it’s Free!

Check out the link here.

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