One of the problems with radio today is that while the random order of songs can be enjoyable, the lack of artist and song quality can be infuriating. There are several radio stations in my area that play a handful of songs that I really enjoy, but aside from that, the same old garbage keeps being played on what feels like an hourly loop. Of course, radio stations try to reach out to as many listeners as possible, and you’re not always going to love everything that they play. With that said, it’s easy to see why people use their digital music players to listen to their own personalized radio station. At PickStation, the users are in control of what makes it to the popular station.

The site makes it easy to share links to or upload MP3 files that you’ve either discovered online or created yourself. Visitors can listen to the selection of music and filter it to meet the genre needs that they have. If you like a certain song, vote for it, because by voting for it, you’ll help to expose it to a wider audience. Plus, you can even create your own personal music station and then embed the flash player on your Web site. In summary, PickStation is like the Digg of music, and even though the similarities are obvious, the idea does have some merit. Their blog hasn’t been updated since July, though, so it’s time to get with the program, people.

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