If we can have Freeware Fridays, then why can’t we also have a little bit of Wednesday Link Love? In preparing for another small video project, I had to sign up for a handful of video upload accounts that I didn’t previously have. Of course, if you missed the fun – it’s all still here (with 60 comments and growing). Where did I go for the impending video battle royale?

So, stay tuned for the ultimate assembly and presentation – although some of you may have already figured it out. This time, as you can see, I let my holiday spirit come shining through! Now, let’s say you’ve never recorded a video in your life – and you don’t care about sharing your wacky antics with the rest of the galaxy. I’ve got a few more links you might love:

Every single one of these sites is quite bookmark-worthy – for different reasons. You never know when one of these Web tools is going to come in handy. So, if you liked this link roundup, I’ll have to deliver at least ten more useful links to you this time next week – assuming, of course, that my impending move across town goes smoothly (and then I’m getting married next Saturday).

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