Today, Mike writes:


I have a question for you but before I ask it I would like to let you know a little about me. I have my A+ and MSDTC and right now I work as a Dell Service Provider on the hardware side. I am contracted out to Unisys and service Dell and Gateway computers. I, right now, do not do much on the software side. I have come to despise XP Home and want to move to XP Pro, so my question is this: Is there any major drawback in upgrading to XP Pro? Now I know the better way to go would be to back up all of my info and wipe the drive and do a clean install, but I think laziness may have crept in and I would rather just put in the disk and let it do its thing. What are your thoughts?

I enjoy the stuff reading the newsletter and have a file to keep important info from the newsletter to refer back to. Keep up the fight!!!

I don’t think there is really any question that XP Pro offers a lot more bang for your buck. As for drawbacks, the only thing that comes to my mind would be the difference in price.

But hey, let’s hear what you think. Do you believe that XP Pro has any disadvantages over XP Home? Then let’s talk about it. Hit the comments above and share your thoughts with Mike on this matter.
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