I’m still very new to the city that I’m living in. Even though I used to only live about twenty minutes away from where I am now, it’s still a different location, and I hardly ever used to come over here before. Therefore, I’ve been learning my way around town with varying success, and I’m still trying to get my finger on the pulse of what’s going on around town. I could just pick up a local paper to see if there are any events that I’m interested in, but I’m much more inclined to do my research online, and Zvents understands that.

The site claims to help you find local events quickly. Sure enough, I searched for my location and quickly found out that (as suspected) there’s nothing going on here. Of course, the site is still growing, so you can’t expect everything to already be waiting for you. If you know of an event or a venue in your area that should be listed, then it would be a good idea to go ahead and take the initiative to list it. The listings include maps to help you figure out where you’re going, and event participants can join in by posting their comments.

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