I use nothing but Free software to protect my 2 laptops and 3 desktop computers. And I have been fortunate to have kept all of my systems free from both viruses and spyware infections. But no matter what software you use, the bad guys may be able to circumvent your protections and sneak a bug in on you. I also am aware of the fact, that no single software product can be 100% effective. That is just part of the game. So as a added precaution, I go online about once or month or so, and take advantage of some of he free online scanners that are available.

So who offers this free service?

Well Symantec, the makers of Norton products, has both a free security and virus scanners available for anyone to use. You can use these tool by following the link here.

And TrendMicro offers a free online scanner on the website located here. They also offer a free download of CWshredder to remove the CoolWebSearch spyware.

The folks at McAfee offer a free download of their fine product dubbed Stinger. It can help remove some of the more common viril infections from a system. You can find Stinger here. And they also offer a free online scanner as well located here.
Panda software offers ActiveScan for free on their website to check for both viruses and spyware threats. Their online product can be found here.

Kaspersky has their own online virus scanner located here.

Now with these tools and some simple protection measures, your system can be virus and spyware free!
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