Since it’s Friday, I thought it might be fun to lighten things up a little bit. So in that spirit, I figured that we would dive into an interesting concept – what if your OS was a carbonated cola.

The three colas that I selected are based on biased marketing hype, my own personal preferences for each and frankly, the way I see each OS and soda itself. All right, let’s get started:

Coke: An old standard, enjoyed by old and young alike. Coke would be compared to recent editions of Windows in my opinion. Top of the ladder, serious player in its market.

Pepsi: Marketed as a cola for the new generation. At one time said to be on the fringe edge, today has become a real, viable, reliable alternative for those who simply do not enjoy Coke. I see Pepsi as choice for those who want something different than what Coke offers. Pepsi would then be OS X (Mac) in my opinion.

Mountain Dew: In your face, opinionated, and definitely not for everyone. Before the Mac gained such a strong market share, I would have given it the MT Dew ranking. But since it has done such a fantastic job with OS X, its market share is simply too strong for the renegade labeling anymore. I mean iTunes and DRM – it’s hardly a rebel, anymore. No, because of the Do It lifestyle that “The Dew” seems to market its beverage with, I am going to say that Linux fits the bill nicely. Enjoyed by growing numbers every day, but still missing the general audience appeal that the other two guys have been able to provide.

So what do you think? Did I miss an OS (Free BSD) or maybe even believe that I skipped over a cola alternative completely? Shout out to me in the comment section above.

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