By now most of us have heard that Vista has been launched for Businesses only on Thursday November 20, 2006. And at the same time, Office 2007 and Exchange for servers also hit the business community. Though we consumers will have to wait until the end of January to get a new copy of Vista, January 30th, 2007 to be exact, I have read with interest some of the commentaries that are already claiming that this may be the last of Windows.

The thinking about the threat to Microsoft is that Vista was made the old-fashioned or traditional way. Consumers purchase the packaged software then they load it on their computers, OR the product comes preloaded on a new computer system. But companies such as Google, are creating word processing and spreadsheet programs that can be download from a server, right to your desktop. If you haven’t tried Google’s latest offerings, click here to take them for a spin. You will need to sign up for a Google account. It’s a freebie.

It gets more interesting. Now if Google offers more free ad-supported software over the Internet, Microsoft won’t be able to charge a premium for it’s software. And you may wonder, how are you going to connect to the Internet without a Microsoft Operating System? You will be taking advantage of the free Linux operating system.

OK. This rational seems plausible. But it makes several assumptions that I find hard to accept. First, not everyone on the planet has access to a high speed broadband connection. There are many, the numbers batted around are about half, just in the US who can’t get broadband as of yet OR can’t afford it. Second, no one is exactly sure what Google will be offering in the future, though I must admit, it appears they will have more applications available. Third, if you mention the word Linux to most folks, they will give you a blank stare. Now, before any flames, I use Linux and I am a official registered Linux user.

So before we can proclaim a end to future Windows releases, I believe that all of the above will need to be addressed. Happy computing!

PS I just received a email from Microsoft asking to join a survey for the next version of Windows. I guess nobody told them there won’t be a next version!
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